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The Church in the Avenue,

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Leckwith Gospel Hall “The Church in the Avenue”

Sunday Mornings: 9:45-10:45

Allstars Sunday School

Each Sunday morning the doors are open for the Allstars Sunday school and Bible class.  The mornings starts with some singing of lively, action orientated songs, followed by a prayer and a quiz.  After this, each of the youngsters then go off to small classes, to learn about the Bible.  You (as in the adult/guardian) are welcome to come and inspect the premises any Sunday morning, to see how the children are treated and taught, or to meet the adults who are there each Sunday morning.

We accept children who are aged 3 and above, and we have three age groupings that form the club.  Firstly the youngest age group are the infants class and their activities include stories, puzzles and crafts.  We all start in the main church and then the youngest go with Auntie Gina to the lesser hall attached to the building, the intermediates use the kitchen with Auntie Jo and the older children are with Daniel (DJ) in the main hall. There is also a Bible Class that meets with Dave in the room behind the platform.

We operate a 16-seater minibus, and can call to collect children who wish to come.  Please contact us for further details.  Check out the ‘Info’ button above for further information, and a contact number.